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Product Liability Cases

  • Massey v. Ford Motors, Defective throttle cable causes Ford Bronco to run over Kroger Food employee resulting in quadriplegia. $7,000,000 jury verdict, upheld on appeal. FORD MOTOR CO. V. MASSEY.  VOL. 313 (1993). Ray Baxter and Omar Greene co-counsel.
  • Rucker v. Ford: F-150 Rollover resulting in paraplegia. Confidential settlement. Tab Turner Co-counsel.
  • MoPac Ethylene Oxide Class Settlement. Railcar in NLR Rail Yard leaks one of most dangerous chemicals exposing residents of Dixie Addition. Summons v. MoPac. Second Ethylene Oxide spill. Important Supreme Court ruling on class actions in Arkansas. John Walker, Bob McHenry Willard Proctor and Jay Youngdahl, Co-counsel.
  • Charles and Wilma SUMMONS, Individually and as NextFriends of  Kellen and Tanya Summons v. MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILROAD and Union Carbide Corporation 813 S.W.2d 240.

Chemical Exposure and Toxic Torts

  • $1 million jury verdict in Koros v Vertac Chemical Co. Settled on appeal. Fireman exposed to Dioxin during worker rescue attempt. Bob McHenry and Jay Youngdahl, co-counsel.
  • Active Termite: $421,000 jury verdict for lung injuries related to exposure to chemicals used in office bug extermination application. David Duke Co-counsel.
  • $40,000 jury verdict for mother and child exposed to carbon monoxide from faulty vent at apartment.

Car and Truck Wreck Insurance Claims

  • $1.75 million settlement for Public Servant hit by Trucking Co. service truck.
  • $550,000 settlement for football player injured in rollover.
  • $600,000 settlement for prom night car wreck.
  • $500,000 settlement for passenger in prom night car wreck.
  • $400,000+ settlement for driver rear-ended by trucking co.
  • $50,000 jury verdict v. Allstate underinsured motorist.
  • $80,000 jury verdict for rear end collision in Lonoke County.
  • $300,000 settlement for car wreck where adjuster withheld eyewitness identity.
  • $100,000 jury verdict for airman injured by furniture truck in snowy conditions. Will Bond Co-counsel.

Insurance Company Cases

  • $400,000 Insurance Policy jury verdict when jury found David Howell died accidentally from overdose following disclosure of alleged $100,000,000 Ponzi  Scheme. 478 F.3d 941.David J. WOOD, Trustee of the Richard T. Smith Family Trust # 2 Appellant v. VALLEY FORGE LIFE INSURANCE Company Appellee, United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit.

    Confidential settlement against Travelers Ins. Co. for Howell case.
  • $200,000 Medical bills paid by health insurance Co. due to proof that bi-polar disorder is a general health condition and not a mental illness.
  • Class action against health insurance carrier for paying auto insurance med pay benefits to insurance co. instead of insured. Co-counsel Neil Chamberlain, Will Bond.

Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Cases

  • $266,000 jury verdict for 77 y.o. who broke hip due to hospital negligence.
  • $600,000 for disabled patient who developed bed sores and infection due to understaffing at rehab hospital.
  • $850,000 settlement for young woman whose Pap smear was mis-read three years in a row.
  • Confidential settlement for young man who bled to death following admission for observation after a car wreck.
  • Confidential settlement for patient moved for standing x-ray resulting in partial quadriplegia.
  • Confidential settlement for dialysis patient allowed to bleed to death in clinic. BABB v. MATLOCK, 340 Ark. 263 (2000)
  • Confidential settlement for Psychiatric malpractice where suicidal patient is released due to negligence.
  • Confidential settlement for mother delivering child by c-section without airway protection resulting in lung injury.
  • $300,000 for 16 year old girl injured while attending a hayride and driver turns too close to a tree causing girl’s leg to be crushed.

Premises Liability

  • Nance v. Carr $650,000 jury verdict for young man on 4-wheeler who drove into a wire rope at neck height that had been strung to catch trespassers at Dogpatch, USA. Carr v. Nance, 2010 Ark. 25.
  • $200,000 jury verdict for 70 y.o. who fell at Hot Springs National Park Spa due to loose handrail. Will Bond, co-counsel.
  • Peters v. Handy Dan $12,500 verdict for slip and fall. Case affirms lay testimony sufficient for proof of future pain and suffering. HANDY DAN HOME IMP. CTR, INC. ARK. v. PETERS, 286 Ark. 102 (1985)
  • Confidential settlement for exposure to ammonia anhydride at Ethyl Plant.
  • Confidential settlement for incinerator explosion due to nitrogen leak at Ensco.

Civil Rights

  • Garland County Quorum Court approved consent judgment requiring closure of old and unconstitutional Garland County Jail and Construction of present Garland County Jail.
  • Little Rock Jail declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge Reasoner.
  • Robertson v. Pulaski County Sheriff. Deputy shoots woman in high crime area. Jury hung followed by confidential settlement.
  • Sheriff promised overtime. Not Paid. Reversed on Appeal. VENHAUS v. ADAMS, 295 Ark. 606(1988). Wade v. Lockhart Federal Habeas Corpus and Right to a lawyer. Wade v. Lockhart, 674 F. 2nd 721 – 1982 – Court of Appeals, 8th

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